"Jack is so amazing!! My husband and I met him through a co-worker and I am so glad that we did! He has such a great eye for things. He doesn't do the typical boring pictures like you typically see, he has a beautiful artistic way about his photos. We had Jack do our engagement pictures and they were beautiful! He also did our wedding photos and they were absolutely stunning! He had us come over to his place to view the photos after he was done editing them and gave them all to us on a little flash drive which was so nicely organized by categories and he even had made a small slideshow that he had made. Jack has such reasonable prices and is such a great, funny person to work with! I hope we get to work with him again!" - Josh + Amanda



"Jack is the man!!! he made me look good! haha. I'm thinking of calling him Magic Jack because his work is amazing! Jack did our engagement and wedding photos and we couldn't be happier. Jack is a super cool dude with a big heart. you can tell he has a passion for what he does and his work really shows. it was a honor and I'm extremely thankful to have a man with such a talent to capture our special moments. thanks jack for everything, you are the best!" - Junior + Erica

"Jack is the most amazingly talented photographer there is!! My fiancee and I spent months to find a great photographer and felt so lucky to have come across Jack's work! My fiancee knows some things about photography since he shoots on the side for photography and the moment I showed him Jack's work he knew this was our wedding photographer! 

He is so so SO gifted, talented, and passionate about photography! He has the most amazing creative eye for lighting, framing, etc, you name it! On top of that, he is super chill, easy going , hard working, fun, nice but extremely professional!!! He is the best of the best!!! I can't find enough words to describe his work and how happy we are with his photography! " - Jorge + Yelena



"Jack takes amazing pictures. He is very creative and extremely talented. His eye captures many perspectives and he always produces unique and great quality shots. Jack is our family photographer for all occasions! He has great style and I'm sure you will be very impressed. He is always a pleasure to work with." - Gonzales family

"Jack Rodriguez, the man, the myth, the legend.  

When he was born the doctors told his parents that The Jack was born with a camera attached to one hand and a PIzzookie in the other (we had pizzookies at our wedding).  The doctors also told his parents that his eye's had been tuned into amazing contemporary/artsy yet traditional style of photos.  I guess that is odd right??? Well not odd for us.  He and his team were perfect for our engagement shoot as well as our Vietnamese/American wedding at the Orange County Museum of Art on 9/1/12.

After looking through many many many photographers (cause there are so many out there), We found value in The Jack.  During our search we compared photographers style, prices, packages, and personality.  After meeting Jack, we knew he was the right man for the job.  He had customizable packages to what we wanted, and his prices were within our budget.  He was very flexible, friendly, and most important assertive.  We as a couple wanted to make sure that we were comfortable around our photographer because we knew that pictures would turn out much better.

Day of our engagement shoot, we gave Jack ideas of what we wanted, and he knew exactly where to go.  He set up meeting spots and made our vision work.  Myself wanted a certain style, while my wife wanted a different.  So he didn't mind shooting in different locations gorilla style and doing whatever it took to get the job done.  He even went way over our allotted time without charging us extra.  He seemed to be having a great time while shooting us novice posers.  But he made us feel comfortable and all the pictures showed.  Still today my friends tell me that my engagement photos were the best they'd ever seen!

Day of the wedding, Jack and his team (his wife, which is a photographer/wedding planner) showed up on time with gear in hand ready to go.  Our wedding party fed off their positive energy in turn related into amazing pictures.  He was assertive, all knowing, and was open to any suggestions.  He captured our day perfectly.  He even dealt with our crazy older tradition Vietnamese family members, who can be really pushy and thinks everyone speaks vietnamese.

All and all he was the perfect photographer for the job.  We were 100% happy with the way our pictures turned out.  We even got onto his blog site, which made us feel really special!!!  He also made us a photobook as well as a slide show of our best pictures, in which we shared to our family members via YouTube.  You can just look at his portfolio/blog/website and can see how his work speaks for himself.  

I apologize for this lengthy review, I just wanted to give Jack credit for what he has done for us." David + Jasmine