Hi, I'm Jack!

I'm a wedding and family photographer located in Orange County, California. most people think I am Filipino but I am Mexican. Full blooded Mexican no mixture at all. I have fooled a few people in my days, one being a girl who ended up becoming my wife. But in full disclosure I really love the look on everyones face when I tell them I am not mixed or Filipino. Good fun! 

I am a people person to the T. Just so happens that photography is my biggest passion and it has changed my life. The mixture of these two things has given me the chance to create and be involved in some of the greatest experiences in my career. 

I have been a photographer for over 14 years and a wedding photographer 10 of those years. During this time I have developed an eye for compositions, color and creativity. I am inspired by people and the moments of their lives I am honored to capture. I am known to roll around on the floor and show amazing balance skills to get a great shot. I want to give my clients the full experience on their special day. I don't want to be just the supplier of photos but also of memories. My clients see my enthusiasm for what I do and they trust me to give them the type of experience they are looking for. I am so honored to be invited to document peoples lives.

I’m happily married to a wonderful woman name Dawn! She’s my inspiration in my everyday life and my best friend who never gives up on me but encourages me to try harder.

I have two daughters named Colette and Scarlett who push me daily to become a better person as well as a better photographer. They stop for nothing and my camera has to follow her lead. They are the sweetest little subjects I have yet to encounter and I couldn't love them more then I do now. 

I thank God everyday for blessing me with a gift that I can share with the whole world. I also thank God for my family and friends support system which keeps me going daily.